Hardware features


Robust and small

The sensor housing is made of utrasone welded Polycarbonate ABS, with excellent impact and heat resistance. The housing dimensions are only 41 x 32 x 22 mm.


Ultra Low-power

Latest sending and processing technology combined with the efficient wireless protocol allows the data logger to deliver over 1 million measurements on its built-in battery.



The AmmoGuardfsd proprietary 2-way protocol features re-transmission attempts and duplicate packet filtering. Data is sent securely and without loss.


High precision

Temperature range is -30°C to 70°C with an accuracy of ±0.5°C. Relative Humidty range 0% to 100% with an accuracy of ±2%.



The AmmoGuards Sensors function as an Active Long Range RFID. They communicate wireless with Access Points which locations are known.


Seamless Roaming

AmmoGuards Sensors and AccesPoints connect through Automatic Network Discovery. No pairing or WPA key programming is required.

Health and Location Monitoring


Health monitoring

Data is stored on a secure cloud server and analysed based on validated health models per ammunition type. Remaining shelf life is determined by these algorithms, and influenced by for instance temporary exposure to higher temperature or humdity levels. 

Realtime insight in shelf life is beneficial for multiple reasons. It allows for better implementation of safety protocols and  more reliable storage policies. Also, stock management is improved with up-to-date health status and prediction of future requirements. 


Location monitoring

With the AmmoGuards system, the location of ammuntion is monitored not by GPS (which will not function in most depots), but by linking AccessPoints to physical locations in the customer ERP or WMS

When a sensor connects with an AccessPoint, the location of that ammuniton box can be determined only by the owner of the ERP, where (a) Ammunition type is linked to the sensor ID and (b) location is linked to the AccessPoint. A valuable addition to any warehousing solution.