Realtime insight in ammunition shelf life

AmmoGuards provides Defense organizations with realtime insight in climate conditions and shelf life of ammunitions. Our wireless data logging solution is unparalleled in accuracy, security, reliability and ease of use.  

Sensor Tags

Our small and robust sensor tags accurately measure temperature, humidity and shock. Battery life is up to 20 years. Simply install in any ammunition box and it’s ready for all operations.

Acces Points

Sensor tags automatically connect with Acces Points, that can be installed in for instance depots, containers or trucksAccess Points receive data and send it directly to your system.

Secure Data Transmisssion

The AmmoGuards system meets the highest industrial and defense standards regarding data security. From Sensor tag to ERP, you stay in control!

Health Analysis

Based on validated munition health models, AmmoGuards provides realtime insight in shelf life of most commonly used munition.

How it works


Accurate temperature and humidity sensor


24/7 data gives you a complete audit trail


The accelerometer is used to detect motion or shock

Instant alarms

Get notified immediately when limits are exceeded


Arrival and departure times are automatically logged

Secure data storage

Access your data anywhere and anytime

  • AmmoGuards sensors are installed in individual ammunition boxes. Each sensor is linked to a specific ammunition type in the customer ERP or WMS.
  • Sensors measure climate conditions and motion in fixed intervals, that can be changed depending on the storage cicumstances.
  • When in the proximity of an AccesPoint, sensors automatically connect and transfer collected data as well as arrival and departure times.
  • When individual ammunition boxes are taken into the field (without connection), the sensors continue to log data and transfer it as soon as connection with an AccessPoint is reastablished.
  • Access Points can be installed in depots, containers or trucks. The location of an AccessPoint is determined in the customer ERP or WMS, allowing for reliable insight in the location of ammunitions.
  • From the AccessPoint, data is transferred securely to a secure cloud server, where it is analysed based on validated health models for each ammunition type.
  • The customer ERP or WMS receives the realtime health status for each monitored ammunition box. Notifications of off limit measurements are automatically sent.