Realtime munition monitoring

Wireless data logging system for remote & realtime insight in climate conditions of munitions and storage facilities, with an unparalleled battery life up to 20 years.

Remote & realtime insight in munition status

The AmmoGuards data logging system takes munitions management to a higher level with remote and realtime insight in the status and location of ammunition (or any other asset). The system is plug & play and maintenance free, enabling reliable data driven decision-making, and improving stock management and munitions safety.

Data loggers

Highly accurate logging of temperature, humidity and motion. Easy installation in munition boxes or pallets. Wireless transmission (< 10 microwatt) and battery life up to 20 years, 


Plug & play installation in bunkers, field storage or  trucks. Data loggers automatically connect with AccesPoints that transfer encrypted data to the application for analyses.    

Secure Data Transfer

The AmmoGuards data logging system uses end-to-end encryption and a proprietary wireless protocol to meet the highest defense standards for data security. 

Health Analysis

Based on validated munition health analyses models, AmmoGuards provides realtime insight in shelf life of most commonly used munition.

Key functionality


Measure temperature


Measure humidity


Measure motion


Wireless data transfer


Health Analysis


Send notifications

How it works

Plug & play and user friendly

Easy to install

Register + Connect = Ready!

No cables or software

Easy to use

Cloud based

Accesible from any device

Easy to maintain

No maintencance

Battery life up to 20 years

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